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  • Floral Swirl Kit 001 Tutorial on Crystal Painting Using Cross Stitch Patterns

    Post on February 14, 2016 Your blog post
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    Create beautiful crystal motifs using cross stitch patterns and Aida Material. In this tutorial we show you how you can revive the old craft of cross stitch, give it a new fresh look. I find cross stitch patterns are great to colour in with crystals. Traditionally each box was a cross stitch completed using threads. Instead of threads we have placed a crystal for each square

    Start of with a pattern

    kit 001


    Select your material. I have used a baby’s bib with Aida material attached in front as a pocket. You can use the same pattern on a normal plain material example quilts, cushions, runners or even¬†paper ¬†for papercraft, scrapbooking cardmaking. You can create a temporary graph using erasable materials for example chalk pounce or erasable markers to create a graph like the Aida material


    kit001a kit001b

    Prepare your work area. Place protective material at the bottom like a Teflon sheet or Baking paper to protect the surface as you are working with heat. Place a piece of baking paper inside the pocket to prevent the glue from sticking the pocket to the backing. Count the pattern to estimate the pattern will fit in the middle of the fabric. Start at one end of the pattern and for each dot place a crystal. Make sure the crystals are pushed together close so no gaps are visible.


    Follow the colour chart. Try to work in small sections without jumping from different colours in order to get a even finish

    kit001d kit001e kit001f kit001g kit001h kit001i