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  • How to Create an Offset, Dynamic Offset and Linked Offset in Inkspace Tutorial

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    How to Create an Offset, Dynamic Offset and Linked Offset in Inkspace Tutorial.

    Today we will be creating a SVG File – using Inset, Outset, Dynamic Offset and Linked Offset in Inkscape for Cricut Designspace, Brother Scan N Cut and other softwares

    What is Offset: The Offset tool creates a larger or smaller layer of your design. It is perfect for adding a shadow around your image, making your text pop, or giving your design an outline. Use the offset feature to create custom stickers, cake toppers, and t-shirts and more. The Offset feature is also useful when you are working with fine lines example in a font and you need to make the text a little thicker so it cuts properly. Great for Handwriting or Script or Calligraphy fonts which have very thin lines

    Inkscape is a Free graphics program that you can download on your desktop computer to create vector images mainly SVG PNG format along with other formats. Click on this Link to download Inkscape https://inkscape.org/

    For this Tutorial, We will be using the font “CHOPIN SCRIPT”

    There are plenty of free fonts available for personal use that you can download and install in your computer from online websites like Www.1001freefonts.com www.dafont.com Www.fontspace.com

    Watch a Video Tutorial on You Tube

    Lets Start the Tutorial

    This is your workspace in Inkscape.

    With your PICK TOOL (arrow on top left hand menu) select the font button which is the letter “A” in your left hand side menu bar. Click on the workspace and type your text. DOUBLE CLICK to highlight the text. The font menu shows up on top left corner. click on down arrow next to font name which shows the default font.

    You can download free fonts for personal use from the internet like dafont.com or 1001freefonts.com. See Links Above. Most fonts are free to use for Personal Use. Please read license Agreements before using any fonts for Commercial use

    Click on the arrow in font selection box. Scroll down to find the font you want and click on the FONT NAME. the highlighted text font will change to Selected Font. I have used the font “CHOPIN SCRIPT”. Make the word bigger by dragging the handles so you can see better.

    At any time we if we are unhappy with the changes we can click on the UNDO button on the top menu bar. or press redo button if you like changes.

    In order to make the text into a SVG we need to change the text to an OBJECT. On top menu bar click on Path menu>Object to path

    LEFT Click on the “X” in the Colour Palette to remove colour. Right click on the black colour. From menu select Set Stroke colour so we can see the outline of the text. You can see even though the letters looked joined, it is not. If we send to cut/draw right now, your machine will cut each individual letter out. Lets fix this. Click to highlight the text. Now click on UNGROUP SHORTCUT on top menu bar. Or click on Object menu>Ungroup.

    At this Point you can move each letter as desired

    Highlight the whole word. Then Click on Path>Union. This will weld the letters together.

    In this Sample photo I created an Offset for the text. There are different ways you can create Offset for any design / text.

    Just Like Dynamic Offset, Click on Path>Linked Offset. It Creates a Node. Click and drag the node to create an outline of desired thickness. With the Linked Offset feature, you get two separate image – the original text as well as the outline. See photo

    Now you can Save your file

    Click on File>Save As

    Select the folder where you would like to save your SVG. Type the Filename. In Save as box select “Plain SVG”. Click on Save.

    Now you can Import your SVG in to eg Cricut Designspace and cut / draw any material

    Follow my YouTube channel for more Tutorials in Inkscape, Cricut DesginSpace, Brother Scan N Cut, Canva Graphic Design, Corel Draw and more