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  • How to Create an Offset, Dynamic Offset and Linked Offset in Inkspace Tutorial

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    How to Create an Offset, Dynamic Offset and Linked Offset in Inkspace Tutorial. Today we will be creating a SVG File – using Inset, Outset, Dynamic Offset and Linked Offset in Inkscape for Cricut Designspace, Brother Scan N Cut and other softwares What is Offset: The Offset tool creates a larger or smaller layer of your design. It is perfect for adding a shadow around your image, making your text pop, or giving your design an outline. Use the offset […]

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  • Glitter Techniqes / Stencil / Gel Medium

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    Glitter has been around for years. Some love it and some hate it. No matter how careful you are, glitter takes over your work area and you. When I am working with glitter I normally get completely covered in glitter. When used on projects, you find generally some glitter always rubs off on your hands. In this blog post i will try to cover different techniques on how to use glitter. The first technique is using Gel Medium. Click here […]

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  • Diamond Painting Technique Instructions

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    Quick simple and easy 5d Diamond Painting kits come with everything in a beautifully packaged box. Kit includes printed canvas + beads + tool set     The kits are exactly like a cross stitch / tapestry kit. The print where the beads need to be stuck is coded and has the adhesive already on the canvas. There is a clear sheet / paper covering the picture to protect the adhesive.   The code is printed on the side for […]

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