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  • Using Your Stencils with quilt pounce to transfer patterns on Fabric

    Post on April 7, 2016 Your blog post
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    Stencils have been around for a long time and are very popular with crafters and DIY projects. Easily create patterns using different materials including inks, paints, glitters, dimensional paint to create textures, glimmer mists etc

    Today i will be showing you how to use the Stencils with iron off quilt pounce to create patterns on fabric. Once the pattern is transferred you can use hotfix crystals to bling, use it for quilting, embroidery, embellishing your projects using crystals, rhinestones, beads, flowers, trims etc

    Tape your stencil using masking tape to your fabric. Using your quilt pounce tap and rub the powder all over the required part of the stencil (you can mask parts you don’t want to use in your pattern). For this tutorial I have used the iron off quilt pounce which stays on the fabric till you iron it off. It is great as the pattern does not disappear with the brush of your hand while you are working on the pattern.


    You can see the pattern has transferred to the fabric. Do not worry about spills around the stencil



    Once you have completed your work – hotfix, embroidery, quilting – you can remove the powder by simply ironing it off using a hot iron with no steam.



    The marks will completely disappear with the heat.. I use this method with my hotfix crystals as you cannot hide the pattern markings with threads like in quilting. There is always gaps in between the crystals and you don’t want any lines or markings to be visible after your work is complete.