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  • “Unlock a Culinary Odyssey: Zyneri’s Hyperlinked Recipe Planner with 1100 Recipe Cards!”

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    Introduction: Welcome to Zyneri, where we’re about to embark on a culinary journey that transcends the ordinary. Our Hyperlinked Recipe Planner isn’t just a tool; it’s a gateway to a world of flavors, creativity, and kitchen organization. In this blog post, we’ll unravel the magic behind our planner’s 11 categories, each boasting a whopping 100 hyperlinked recipe cards, giving you a grand total of 1100 recipes at your fingertips. 1. Navigating the Culinary Wonderland with Hyperlinked Dashboards: At the core […]

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  • How to Create an Offset, Dynamic Offset and Linked Offset in Inkspace Tutorial

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    How to Create an Offset, Dynamic Offset and Linked Offset in Inkspace Tutorial. Today we will be creating a SVG File – using Inset, Outset, Dynamic Offset and Linked Offset in Inkscape for Cricut Designspace, Brother Scan N Cut and other softwares What is Offset: The Offset tool creates a larger or smaller layer of your design. It is perfect for adding a shadow around your image, making your text pop, or giving your design an outline. Use the offset […]

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  • How to Make SVG File in Inkscape Tutorial using Glyphs Union Weld Character Map Cricut ScanNCut

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    Today we will be creating a SVG File – using glyphs special characters and weld feature in Inkscape. We are using Inkscape today. Inkscape is a Free graphics program that you can download on your desktop computer to create vector images mainly SVG PNG format along with other formats. Click on this Link to download Inkscape I have used the font Meysha which is free to use for personal use. you can purchase this font for commercial use from […]

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  • Glitter Techniqes / Stencil / Gel Medium

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    Glitter has been around for years. Some love it and some hate it. No matter how careful you are, glitter takes over your work area and you. When I am working with glitter I normally get completely covered in glitter. When used on projects, you find generally some glitter always rubs off on your hands. In this blog post i will try to cover different techniques on how to use glitter. The first technique is using Gel Medium. Click here […]

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  • Diamond Painting Technique Instructions

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    Quick simple and easy 5d Diamond Painting kits come with everything in a beautifully packaged box. Kit includes printed canvas + beads + tool set     The kits are exactly like a cross stitch / tapestry kit. The print where the beads need to be stuck is coded and has the adhesive already on the canvas. There is a clear sheet / paper covering the picture to protect the adhesive.   The code is printed on the side for […]

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  • Using Your Stencils with quilt pounce to transfer patterns on Fabric

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    Stencils have been around for a long time and are very popular with crafters and DIY projects. Easily create patterns using different materials including inks, paints, glitters, dimensional paint to create textures, glimmer mists etc Today i will be showing you how to use the Stencils with iron off quilt pounce to create patterns on fabric. Once the pattern is transferred you can use hotfix crystals to bling, use it for quilting, embroidery, embellishing your projects using crystals, rhinestones, beads, […]

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  • Floral Swirl Kit 001 Tutorial on Crystal Painting Using Cross Stitch Patterns

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    Create beautiful crystal motifs using cross stitch patterns and Aida Material. In this tutorial we show you how you can revive the old craft of cross stitch, give it a new fresh look. I find cross stitch patterns are great to colour in with crystals. Traditionally each box was a cross stitch completed using threads. Instead of threads we have placed a crystal for each square Start of with a pattern   Select your material. I have used a baby’s […]

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  • How to apply hotfix crystals with an Applicator

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    How to apply hotfix crystals with an applicator Preparation You will need a firm surface to work on such as a table top or work surface or a wooden chopping board; ironing boards are not suitable as they don’t provide enough support. The glue on the crystals are very strong. Place a sheet of Baking paper or Teflon sheet before placing your fabric. When adding crystals to sheer fabric or 2 layer fabrics example a shirt,  its best to place […]

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  • Welcome to Zyneri / Zenozam

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    Finally we have our new website ready to be launched. New Look, Easy to use with loads of new products being uploaded daily and heaps and heaps of new ideas and tutorials. Get Inspired with our huge range of embellishments and begin your creative journey. We have the biggest selection of bling to choose from…Remember bling is addictive be it a quilt, a dress or your new Shoe. Sparkle your life. Acrylic Templates, Rulers, Stenils, pin cushions, storage, fabric, threads, […]

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  • Hello world!

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    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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